December 2010 – Updates

The Recreation Ground continues to be improved. Many thanks to those who have given their time in cleaning up and improving the timbered area on the eastern side of the ground. This has greatly enhanced this area with more to be done during the winter months. Many thanks also to Steve Waters Fencing for their contribution towards the new eastern boundary fence. Mowing Any assistance in keeping the area mowed during this great growing season will be greatly appreciated. Barbecue Area This area has recently been improved as a part of the work done on the hall. The barbecue is available for people to use, and it is noted that gas burners are available by contacting Brian McDonald 48461157 or Les Mackenzie 48461182 Gas to be supplied by the user. Please note no fires under the barbecue and the area is to be kept clean at all times and rubbish removed. Regional Achievement Awards A Certificate of Appreciation has been received by the Trust as 2010 Nominee Tidy Towns Bush Spirit Award Although not amongst the winners the Trust has been commended by the Tidy Towns on their recent work and the way the reserve is kept.


Following submitting the acquittal report for the grant received for the Majors Creek Tennis Court Restoration Project a letter was received on behalf of Community Enterprise Foundation and the Braidwood Community Bank Branch congratulating all on the completion of the project. Both the Community Enterprise Foundation and the Braidwood Community Bank are proud to have been able to assist the village in making a real difference to the community.

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