Majors Creek Recreation Reserve


Dedicated for Public Recreation 1893

The Recreation Hall  originally was a shelter shed type of building which was used as a type of grand stand for spectators to watch football and cricket also for a time bicycle sports was popular.  It has been the scene of many sporting events including a very strong Rugby Union team and competition cricket. A new glazed concrete wicket was laid in 1933 being the first of its kind in the district. Tennis was played on the old courts at the racecourse until 1953 when the new courts were opened on the recreation ground. At the time the hall consisted of a shed type building with no kitchen facilities of any kind, this part being added together with the fireplace many years after. The verandah and ticket office were later added to the building and the verandah used to be closed in by a large canvas blind specially made for the purpose, to enable it to be used as a supper room. Originally water fro making tea etc. was boiled out in the open in big iron boilers. The water had to be carried to the site as the tank only came into existence when the very basic kitchen was built with no facilities only cupboards and benches.

The lighting originally consisted of the old type kerosene lights and then the late Paul Nomchong installed a Gloria light system which was pressurised petrol light burning through a mantal, but these gave a good deal of trouble through the frequent blocking of the fine jets. Then some half dozen Tilley pressure lanterns were purchased and these served the purpose of lighting until the advent of electricity in the early 1950s.

The Memorial Gates at the entrance to the recreation ground were erected by the then Majors Creek Progress Association during the 1960s  and were dedicated to the memory of the late Hon.J.W. Seiffert M.L.A member for Eden Monaro.

Many large functions have been held over the years including Blue and Gold , Ambulance and Race Balls, regular Saturday night dances, weddings, socials etc and the Annual New Year’s Day Picnic.

The Hall and grounds are under the care and control of a local trust under the umbrella of the NSW department of Trade & investment.



Trust Positions

President Rudolph Stachow 0418 546 396
Secretary/Treasurer Brian McDonald 48461 157 sends e-mail)

Trust Members…
Gordon waters 0422 921 269
Steven Waters – Maintenance Manager 0427 422 825
Craig Willoughby – Groundsman 0439 469 710
Brian James 0429 461 567


History notes taken from “Majors Creek Memories”by Ned Dunshea and “Memories of the Past” by Brian McDonald jp OAM
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